2017 Konga Black Friday Deals & Sales ( Konga Yakata Sales)

Konga Black Friday 2017 – Have A  Stress free day on Black Friday, Shop Online For Konga Deals 2017,Konga Black Friday, View Best Konga Black Friday Sales. FALL  YAKATA ,Konga  Black friday Deals In 2017.

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Konga  Company was incorporated in the year 2012 by Sim Shagaya who is a Nigerian entrepreneur and business mogul with 20 staffs, its headquarter was based in Lagos and Shola Adekoya was made CEO over the konga company.

Konga is an online shopping site that serves consumers right, konga sell product in almost all aspect and areas of life :- electronics, fashion, home appliances, books and children’s items.

During the Konga Black Fridays 2016 a record of over 155,000 sales was sold amounting to more than 3.5 Million Dollars, Last year Konga black friday was a great hit of 5 Million PageViews in the FALL YAKATA  during 2016, 2017 would be a lot or bigger or a greater hit so dont dull yourself get product at cheaper rate and  you will sell at normal price.

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FALL YAKATA is a big deal going  event on Konga Massive Discount Ever!!!- konga black friday 2017,this year will  be the same discount, This may sounds silly now but it is a wise idea STARVE,SAVE NOW AND EARN DOUBLE INFACT MORE THAN DOUBLE later, Konga made double of the income sales, deals, and pageviews of last year Konga Black Friday  2015 in the year 2016 Konga Black Friday sales, deals, FALL YAKATA, then 2017 konga fall yakata would be a lot more better sales you should expect much more sales to occur in 2017, you aren’t the only one competing for this,

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 konga black friday 2017. konga black friday, konga black friday deals, sales, dates. konga Black friday 2017


KONGA BLACK FRIDAY 2017 FALL YAKATA  will take place on the 17th of NOVEMBER 2017

KONGA BLACK FRIDAY 2016 FALL YAKATA   will take place on the of  18th of NOVEMBER 2016

KONGA BLACK FRIDAY 2015 FALL YAKATA   took place on the 20th of NOVEMBER 2015

KONGA BLACK FRIDAY 2014 FALL YAKATA  took place on the 21th of NOVEMBER 2014

KONGA BLACK FRIDAY 2013 FALL YAKATA took place on the 22th of NOVEMBER 2013

KONGA BLACK FRIDAY 2012 FALL YAKATA took place on the 23rd of NOVEMBER 2012

As It has been  said earlier above there Upcoming 2017 kONGA Black Friday will be coming up On the  17th of November 2017. There will be discounts on All products on HOME APPLIANCES,  KITCHEN UTENSILS,  GAMES,  PHONE ACCESSORIES, LAPTOPS, COMPUTER ACCESSORIES,  CLOTHINGS KIDS TOY etc All of will be Displayed and sold at  High discounted price on November 17th Konga Black Friday 2017.




Home & Kitchen Appliances –


  • Generator & Heavy Appliances –


  • Kids & Baby Toy –


  • Beauty & Personal Health –


  • Men Fashion Items –


  • Women Fashion Items –


  • Audio System –


  • Game & Console –


steps To get prepared For Konga black friday fall Yakata 2017



2017 Konga black friday fall Yakata is a great chance to make money, but you need to be very sharp, swift.

On Konga blackfriday 2017 , some products are sold for more than half the normal price , which means you can buy them in bulk and re-sell them later at their normal price. Incase you dont know thats a trick to make cool money on Konga Black Friday 2017 FALL YAKATA

Remember , the idea is to BUY ANYTHING that is discounted on Black friday , and then resell it later at the normal price. This way , you will make money.

Follow this tips then you are good to go : Get ready :

  • Just like my first  crazy idea STARVE AND SAVE MONEY TILL 18-24  November and EARN MASSIVELY
  • Make sure you Create an account at Konga.com before the Konga Black FRiday 2017 FALL YAKATA starts  and BE LOGGED in few minutes before the Konga FALL YAKATA starts.
  • Make sure you are using a very fast internet network connection.
  • Charge your phone / laptop very well.
  • Be online at 11PM on the 16th November 2017. Konga Black friday starts on the 17th of November at 12AM , and that’s when most of the good deals are posted.
  • Signup for our newsletter , we will alert you few minutes before the event.

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