OFFICE INSURANCE – An office is a vital atmosphere for carrying out professional activities and under any circumstance, a person’s office is as important as their profession. We certainly wouldn’t want your office to be at stake and that’s why we’re here to offer you maximum protection through our office insurance policy.

Wondering Whether You Need Office Insurance at All?

Anywhere in the world, office insurance is an important aspect of insurance as it offers maximum protection to commercial and high-profile businesses. Risks are certain to surface in businesses and to this effect, specialist policies are made to ascertain the risks associated with your business sphere.

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Speaking broadly, a certified office insurance policy caters for your office premises, customers, and services. To realize the type of insurance cover that suits your office, the service of a specialist insurer is needed. By virtue of our professionalism, we can help you realize the basics of your office, the associated risks and the most suitable insurance policy for it.

What Aspects of Your Office Need Be Insured?

An office comprises various aspects but the most crucial aspects that every certified insurance policy should cover are (i) outgoing costs in the case of business suspension (ii) customers (iii) staff (iv) office premises (v) office facilities.

If you’re very concerned about the safety of your office and your business as a whole, your insurance plans should be centered on the aspects discussed above.

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What Are the Features of Office Insurance?


A reliable office insurance policy comprises several key features and each feature is designed to ensure specific aspect(s) of an office. To further enlighten you, some of the key features of office insurance have been discussed below.

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Business Interruption Insurance: As a core feature of office insurance, business interruption insurance saves you from bankruptcy which may result from business inactivity or suspension. If you’re required to pay salaries, business rent or running costs whereas your business has been suspended, business interruption insurance provides you with adequate funds to ensure such payments are made. Also, this insurance feature provides you with the funds you might need in order to revive your crumbling business.

Employer’s Liability Insurance: This insurance feature covers your employees especially when they sustain injuries or when any damage is done to them. If your employees sustain injuries or harm while attempting a task you (as the boss) are responsible for, employer’s liability insurance provides you sufficient funds if there is need to make amends for the damage or injuries sustained.

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Public Liability Insurance: Every business owner is expected to provide maximum safety for his office by ensuring that risks are avoided. Therefore, this insurance feature is aimed at protecting your customers as well as you –the office owner. Basically, public liability insurance makes amends for any harm, accident or damage a customer sustains within your office premises.

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